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Planning, Land Development & Design
At Urbanimex, we understand the broadband development process and its multidisciplinary requirements, our services focus on thorough property research, permitting, design layout and coordination of projects.
Civil Engineering
At Urbanimex, we offer complete Civil Engineering design services for your land development and permitting needs. Our Civil Engineering Department works with Planning, Land Development & Design Department, with our clients, with project managers.
Surveying & Mapping
Survey information is utilized by civil engineers, architects, land developers, designers, geotechnical engineers, environmentalists, construction contractors and any other team member related with the development. Every phase of the land development process is built on the initial survey.
The real estate market is ever changing and increasingly more complex. If you're a lender, mortgage broker, lawyer or other professional, you can rely on Urbanimex Appraisal Service to deliver professional valuation analysis.