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At Urbanimex, we offer complete Civil Engineering design services for your land development and permitting needs.

Our Civil Engineering Department works with Planning, Land Development & Design Department, with our clients, with project managers, sub-consultants and jurisdictions to ensure that project and drawings are developed to the highest standards and meet the project’s needs and clients vision.

We provide Civil Engineering design and consulting services during all phases of your development, from the planning preliminary concepts to its final phase of construction.

Water & Wastewater infrastructure design

EUrbanimex specialists offer expert water and wastewater engineering and consulting services including design, planning, flow measurements and system modeling and analysis.

Our Water Engineering Services include: planning, analysis, pipeline design, storage tanks, water works and distribution systems.

Our Wastewater Engineering Services include; planning, analysis, pipeline design, pumping stations design and natural treatment solutions.

Hydrology Studies.

Every new development has the potential to increase storm water flows and contaminants. Territorial authorities and often regional authorities require storm water management practices be considered prior to Building Consent being granted.

Considering your development is within a watershed or drainage area, it is necessary to analyze a large area of surroundings to actually know the critical amount of storm water flow, this information will generate the guidelines for designing the best Storm Water Control Design for your Development and/or surroundings.

Storm Water Control and Design

A primary concern for every development is whether it will handle heavy rains without flooding or affecting previous developed areas.

We are skilled at designing storm water runoff systems that area able to collect and if necessary to retain water generated by large rainfall events.

Earthwork Analysis

We provide custom earthwork analysis using specialized earthwork software to develop precise quantities for both estimating and budget proposes.

No project is too large or too small, our clients also includes our competition, such as Developers, Civil Engineers, Architects, Earthwork Contractors or General Contractors.

Our Civil Engineering Department will develop work as Cut/Fill Maps, 3D Visualizations, Topo Verification, Quantities, and Balanced Regions. Our goal is to give our clients more time to concentrate on material, fuel & trucking rather than tedious and costly takeoff analysis.

Highway, Street & Parking design

Our Civil Engineering Department works in conjunction with our Surveying Department to obtain accurate site information and with our Planning, Planning, Land Development & Design Department to develop concepts and detail designs for new or revitalizing Highways, Highway access points, community streets and parking sites.

Our multi-discipline design team works with provincial, municipal and regional authorities, crown corporations and private industry until all the parties are satisfied with the project and the Building Consent has been granted.

Grading Studies

Design Concept and Grading Plans that not only include storm water but prevent flooding, erosion and silt transport and are aesthetically pleasing. Grading studies also include Earthwork calculations and Soil Improvement Engineering.

Grading Studies can be developed for large scale projects as Master Plans/Subdivisions to smaller projects like parking lots.

Project Management

Project Management is key to the success of any project. From the smallest to the largest, every project must work within its defined scope, schedule, and budget to be a success in meeting its purpose.

Urbanimex provides Project Management Services on behalf of the Owner for an array of services related to the technical, administrative and financial management of the development project.

Our firm acknowledges that each project requires efficient and effective management to expedite the fulfillment of the client’s objective.

Project Management Services typically include:

• Work Coordination.

• Project Budgeting.

• Monitoring and Authorization.

• Negotiation and Implementation.

• Fund Allocation.

Construction Management

Urbanimex understands the importance of quality construction, delivered on schedule and within a budget. Our clients include developers, contractors, and property managers for residential, industrial and commercial developments.

We also understand the importance of clear, concise and complete construction documents for competitive bidding. Budgets become a reality at the bidding phase of a project. Bidding phase services include developing bid documents and technical specifications, soliciting bids, evaluating bids and recommending award of a contract.

Establishing lines of communication, clear document control and clear expectations between the owner, and the contractor are vital to the success of your project. Specific services we provide include executing contracts, obtaining permits, coordinating meetings, processing change orders, approving pay applications and coordinating acceptance by authorities having jurisdiction.

We can provide part-time to full-time resident observation, depending on the need of your project to report daily activities, verify plan and specification compliance, monitor work progress for schedule compliance and troubleshoot construction issues as they occur.

Our staff has the expertise to review plans and specifications for constructability, completeness and general code compliance.

Environmental Coordination

Understanding of the regulatory climate and sensitive human nature of working in and around ecosystems automatically generates our commitment of contributing with Environmental Sustainability in any new Development Projects.

Urbanimex strategic relationship with outside Environmental Specialists and Environmental Authorities generates a better team communication and efficiency for the development of guidelines for Environmentally Friendly Projects.

We provide our Clients with a single point of contact during this work. This approach saves the Client valuable time.

Geotechnical Coordination

A crucial element for any development is Geotechnical Engineering, which is concerned with the behavior or the earth materials; determining their physical and mechanical properties that are relevant to the considered project.

Geotechnical studies contain information that help determine the type of design for foundations, earthworks, retaining walls, pavement design, relevant to possible natural hazards such as earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes, soil liquefaction and others relevant to your development project.

Urbanimex strategic relationship with outside Geotechnical Consultants is an effort to provide our Clients with a single point of contact during the site development process. This approach saves the Client valuable time and enhances team communications and efficiency. .