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Urbanimex is a full service consulting civil engineering & land development design firm, offering a complete service in land development, urban development, land surveying, civil engineering, project/construction management and property appraisals. With over ten year of experience in our various services for residential, commercial, industrial and touristic projects.

Urbanimex, a group of dedicated professionals, who understand the complexity of land development projects. One of the firm’s goal is to oversee every project, working effectively and efficiently to ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget. Our office is located in the City of Tijuana, Mexico, currently offering our services for the area of Baja California & Baja California Sur.

If you are new to our company and would like further information, please contact URBANIMEX to discuss how we may assist you in your upcoming project and to arrange an initial consultation in which we can tailor a strategy to suit your individual needs and constraints.

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