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Successful Planning, its future Land Development & Design is not only about creating a pretty picture, a map or a render, but rather carefully crafting a capable of living spaces and a realistic vision of the future. At Urbanimex, our Planning, Land Development & Design Department understands the broadband development process and its multidisciplinary requirements, coordinating the project designs with the client, our In-House design team, local jurisdiction, utility districts, and other sub-consultants as needed to for each project.

In-house Planning, Land Development & Design Department allows us to provide our clients with increased value and efficiency in the production of Feasibility Studies, Site Investigation and Evaluation, Master Plans, Subdivision Layouts, Land-Use Plans, Preliminary Development Cost Estimating and other services.

Every project and site is different from one to another, which is why at Urbanimex we are committed in each of our client’s project to make it contribute to the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the community and surrounding areas.

Our services focus on thorough property research, permitting, design layout and coordination of projects.

Feasibility Studies

Land development is full of risks, at Urbanimex we offer the opportunity to reduce your risk by having more data about your site’s potential. Before buying or developing a property it is important to look into every aspect.

A feasibility Study is the collecting of current and historical data about the property with its surroundings and analyzing it to determine what types of developments are possible and what the future requirements will be for its entire process.

A feasibility study can range from a simple study of a specific matter to a complete analysis of infrastructure, regional and local government development programs, government environmental programs, geotechnical, etc.

Property Development Due Diligence

Before closing, knowing everything you can about the property and its future development process will give your investment a better chance of success. The most profitable investors don’t gamble, they go with facts.

Due Diligence varies from one property & development to another, once we have our meeting with a client, our In-house Planning, Land Development & Design Department will develop a specific Due Diligence checklist which may include information as:

• Basic Site Information (location, size, jurisdiction, etc.).

• Site Legal Information (City/County/District Environmental & Land Development Programs, Planning and zoning, etc.).

• Utility Infrastructure (water/sewer/electric/gas/fire/other availability and location; etc.).

• Site Physical Information (Boundary, topographic, wetlands, access points, preliminary geotechnical studies, preliminary environmental studies, etc.).

• Site Conceptual Layout (infrastructure utility locations, building footprint, access points, traffic flow and parking, landscape areas, non building areas, etc.).

• Permitting Information for all jurisdictions (site plan, infrastructure utilities, Federal Maritime Land Zone, traffic and road connections, environmental, etc.).

• Construction Cost Estimate, Impact & Permitting Fees.

Land Planning

Urbanimex offers Land Planning services including the research, study and data analysis necessary to obtain planning & design guidelines necessary for the creation of development plans and specifications.

Our In-house Planning, Land Development & Design Department will design and meet the needs of our client while meeting the jurisdictional requirements. We can provide innovative solutions that are both practical and cost effective to our clients.

We pride ourselves in providing-guiding-directing quality development services for all phases of the development process, from start to finish. Our land planning service focus on thorough property research, permitting, land design and coordination of projects during its authorization and construction process.

Concept Plans

The Concept Plans is a compilation of images and maps that show the idea for the future development, it can be used to guide policy, planning and design decisions. The Concept Plan is not a regulatory document. It’s the first step to obtain the first visual idea of a project.

Our In-house Planning, Land Development & Design Department will generate a first visual of your project, considering our clients idea, code regulations and jurisdictional requirements.

Master Planned Community

Also known as a new neighborhood, new town or planned city, carefully planned from its inception in an undeveloped area.

Master Planned Communities can also be confused with a typical Subdivision; the difference is that Master Planned Communities include a lot of extra infrastructure, amenities and conveniences, in some cases to the extent of being a Self Sufficient Community.

At Urbanimex, we work with our clients as a team for each project and prepare a buildable site plan based on proven engineering and design principles, creating balance between community/environment.

Subdivision layout and design

Is the purpose of your land subdivision for a housing or commercial or industrial development or other? Let us show you cost effective and efficient ways to design your land.

In comparison with a master planned community, subdivision layouts tend to be surrounded by amenities and conveniences, but they are not part of the overall plan for the subdivision. Developers assume that retail and commercial development will come later on because of the increase of demand from the people that live in the subdivision, though it may not always happen.

New Subdivisions are being developed larger and larger, that is why it is common that developers get together and develop in sections of a much larger master planned community.

In conclusion, a subdivision can be a fraction or section of land to be developed from a larger master planned community.


Land-Use issues and zoning constraints can differ and be complex from one site to another, at Urbanimex we understand how complex projects sites can be. We can help.

Our experience in reviewing land use issues and zoning constraints gives us an advantage for preparing precise project descriptions, preparing detailed application packages, filling and processing land-use applications, representing client interest and hearings, and negotiating conditions of approval by contacting key public officials and government agency staff, identifying the appropriate entitlement process.

Final Plats

In accordance to your preliminary layout approved plat, our In-house Planning, Land Development & Design Department can deliver the Final Plat for your Development, fulfilling all land development and engineering codes and regulations required by the authorities. At Urbanimex we pride ourselves in designing with the highest standards and always considering our clients vision.


The Permit Acquisition service is the final phase of the plan development projects and typically the most time sensitive. Development Permitting is the process of getting all necessary jurisdictional approvals needed to fulfill the project scope.

We work as a team, alongside the design team, outside consultants and your project manager to expedite all permits and approvals necessary for your development. Our experience, code knowledge and rapport with local jurisdictional review staff results in quicker approval turnaround.

We closely monitor the progress of all permits and approvals and communicate with the design team, project manager, construction manager and governing agencies to ensure a seamless approval process in the shortest time period possible.